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Queens Home

"There is a process to everything, yet, there is a way to around the process for significant situations. Having been the person on the negative end of the process, I developed a program to help women, like me, change the narrative for a positive outcome." 
                                                                                                                         Dana Williamson

I have found myself on the losing end of keeping a home at least once in the past six years. I have also found there is a way around the process of losing that isn't the norm. I am for the faith-based 'preneur; the woman working diligently to build her business while standing on what God said.

In February of 2020, the Queen Home program will go into effect for single women entrepreneurs(with or without children).

We will help with

  • Rental and Home Tax repayments
  • Create a strategic plan to stay ahead with payments
  • Offer credit counseling 
  • Become the mediator in situations involving the home where needed
  • Find programs that will specifically help in various situations
  • Connect client with Legal Aid Society 
  • Teach Entrepreneurship, Money Goal setting, and Financial planning
This program is free for participants. 
We will accept donations of any kind to offset the monies needed for rental/home tax repayments: 

  • Food
  • Personal Care necessities 
  • Gas Cards
  • Bus Pass
Or you can contact us at on how to make cash donations.