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Queen Updates

 I recently submitted a video (below) for a local pitch contest. I totally went out of my comfort zone and created this video to help me "get in". 

Well, I didn't get in, but I discovered something about being a woman in the trades I don't share enough: I am outstanding when it comes to doing something IN A CRUNCH!

With that, Queen Cuts is completing estimates for work to be done in 2021 for renovation and revitalizing. We're also doing color me by text; schedule your appointment below. 

Color me by Text allows us to be compliant with Covid-19 safety.  


  1. Hi! Good job. I love the way you did the job. For very long I am also looking for remodeling of my house. I am not that creative. I hire handyman service for furniture assembly in Calgary, in fact, they did a good job but I want to have a good idea to guide others and control everything on my own so a long way to go. Thanks for an inspiring post.


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