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The Chair

I want to lead the people not to be a boss to the people. It's important to connect with the community the way THEY need not the way I WANT. With all I do, I am unlimited. As a woman in the trades, can I share? Amani United has a vacant seat for the Housing Economic and Development department I would like to see filled. Filled with ME in it. I have experience in leading, managing and bringing together the necessary people, in the community, to get a job done. YOU, as residents, just need to believe it can be done. (Then, it will) The meeting for voting is tomorrow at 4:30 at Moody Park Pavillion. Can you vote? Yes. Do you live between 20th and 30th streets (east/west) and North and Keefe Aves (north/south)? Join us Tuesday August 27th, 2019