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Color Me B.A.D.: I'm Here For You

Every Monday, I have implemented a service anyone can afford and have time to do.

With the resource of our phones, text, video, inboxes and more, I have created the ColorMe Cash App Monday (yes, this is a service only for Mondays)

Color me Cash App is a service Queen Cuts will do for you within 24 hours.
$20 per house via Text
Send us a two photos of the room you need help with; we will send a Color Me (you) plan within 24 hours.
Color me plan according to your interest and likes
Furniture suggestions (what to change, add, etc)
Window Treatments (design/decoration)
Lighting etc.
***If you want us to come in and complete a full design plan, you will get $20 off the $160 per hour with 2 hour minimum session.****

Cash App is $BADFBI

Get your Color Me analysis today!