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Welcome.....this is my life

Simple enough, I made a decision for various reasons in December of 2017. In January of 2018, I started a basic construction training that changed my life; changed my decision I made in December. Understanding of the basics, wanting to be the boss, and bringing up the Queen of the Round-Table, I put my first foot forward and did what was necessary. I obeyed my Father in Heaven and I made sure I called the shots. Yes, I made a few mistakes in during the last nine months. I hurt some feelings and I made some right choices at the wrong time. I left 'my people' and it broke my heart, but... 2018 was a learning experience from choices I made. 2018 revealed me, those whom took the time to know me AND explain me, and the release of the real me. As Queen Cuts, I had to make new choices.  I had to decide God never intended for me to be the man with the one talent and bury it in the ground. There is too much in me.  There is too much required of me.  There is to