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Queen Updates

 I recently submitted a video (below) for a local pitch contest. I totally went out of my comfort zone and created this video to help me "get in".  Well, I didn't get in, but I discovered something about being a woman in the trades I don't share enough: I am outstanding when it comes to doing something IN A CRUNCH! With that, Queen Cuts is completing estimates for work to be done in 2021 for renovation and revitalizing. We're also doing color me by text; schedule your appointment below.  Color me by Text allows us to be compliant with Covid-19 safety.  
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The Chair

I want to lead the people not to be a boss to the people. It's important to connect with the community the way THEY need not the way I WANT. With all I do, I am unlimited. As a woman in the trades, can I share? Amani United has a vacant seat for the Housing Economic and Development department I would like to see filled. Filled with ME in it. I have experience in leading, managing and bringing together the necessary people, in the community, to get a job done. YOU, as residents, just need to believe it can be done. (Then, it will) The meeting for voting is tomorrow at 4:30 at Moody Park Pavillion. Can you vote? Yes. Do you live between 20th and 30th streets (east/west) and North and Keefe Aves (north/south)? Join us Tuesday August 27th, 2019

Color Me B.A.D.: I'm Here For You

Every Monday, I have implemented a service anyone can afford and have time to do. With the resource of our phones, text, video, inboxes and more, I have created the ColorMe Cash App Monday (yes, this is a service only for Mondays) Color me Cash App is a service Queen Cuts will do for you within 24 hours. $20 per house via Text Send us a two photos of the room you need help with; we will send a Color Me (you) plan within 24 hours. Color me plan according to your interest and likes Furniture suggestions (what to change, add, etc) Window Treatments (design/decoration) Lighting etc. ***If you want us to come in and complete a full design plan, you will get $20 off the $160 per hour with 2 hour minimum session.**** Cash App is  $BADFBI Get your Color Me analysis today!  Dana  BAD Queen of the Round-Table and Sledge Hammer

Nailed It: I Passed

I have and am still working on certifications for Queen Cuts (Design/Decoration and General Contracting). Yet, I am celebrating that I nailed it and am excited I have. When I set out to do something this year, my goal was to have a few things under my belt I can use in this region. I didn't know it would maximize my potential and visibility as a woman in construction. I am thankful. I nailed it. I am  Dana Unlimited . Recent certifications: HVAC (Including National Certificaiton for Refrigerant) Lead and Asbestos Awareness Contractors license education component I am accepting clients for interior decoration consultation. Click  here  to schedule your consultation.

Welcome.....this is my life

Simple enough, I made a decision for various reasons in December of 2017. In January of 2018, I started a basic construction training that changed my life; changed my decision I made in December. Understanding of the basics, wanting to be the boss, and bringing up the Queen of the Round-Table, I put my first foot forward and did what was necessary. I obeyed my Father in Heaven and I made sure I called the shots. Yes, I made a few mistakes in during the last nine months. I hurt some feelings and I made some right choices at the wrong time. I left 'my people' and it broke my heart, but... 2018 was a learning experience from choices I made. 2018 revealed me, those whom took the time to know me AND explain me, and the release of the real me. As Queen Cuts, I had to make new choices.  I had to decide God never intended for me to be the man with the one talent and bury it in the ground. There is too much in me.  There is too much required of me.  There is to